jburgerstudio answered your question: I’m bored.

Pretty good day, but I feel bad for not being the studio. Spring Break is this coming week so hopefully I’ll start going. How are you friend?

Liking the sculptures you’ve been posting! I’ve been okay thanks :) Busy! Well, busy for me. which is odd i suppose for me. ha

jburgerstudio answered your question: woah, woah, woah!!!! 495????


HAHA! I don’t know about that, but if that’s a challenge…lol. we’ll see….

jburgerstudio replied to your post: oh

Awww, I’m sure he thought it was cute

HA! I can assure you he did not. He hurriedly looked away rather quickly, but that’s okay. I would have too. lol

jburgerstudio replied to your post: Super duper nervous about going to a friends…

Good luck friend!

Thanks far away friend! It all went GREAT! :D

jburgerstudio answered your question: I’ve decided I need to do something this year, get…

Reading in a park? Or some such public place?

hmmm, this is a good idea! though unfortunately, we do not have very public parks in my suburb. They kind of only get visited once daily by baby sitters and babies.

jburgerstudio replied to your photo: Back from sizzlersss for dinner. I had 4 serves…

Sweet Hair

thanks dawwwg.

jburgerstudio replied to your photo: LOOK WHAT HAS ARRIVED DEAR PEOPLE!! well there…

What is it?

One of THESE!!!! haha. (but just secretly, they’re much harder to use then they look :S

jburgerstudio replied to your post: Bath

Agreed. Especially for tall people

haha, i suppose i can’t complain being so short. but STILL! I’m going to have a mini pool in my future house. hahaha

jburgerstudio answered your question: My sister is thoroughly revolted about how calm i…

Your excellent taste in ukeleles. JK

HAHAHA….yeahhhhh…..i don’t think that’s quite it either…

jburgerstudio replied to your post: And then i found my old (3yrs) mix cd with The Wombats & The Presets.

Do you have a photo of your crazy hair yet?

ahaha. No. i’m not too happy with it atm, i think i’m going to put some more pink or aqua through it before photos. it’s a bit…..patchy right now. :)

jburgerstudio replied to your post: Missing e

Wait, seriously? I have the same problem. Firefox solves it?

YES! apparently so, SEE! haha. i feel like a GOD. Firefox! Get firefox! it’s pretty dumb that safari doesn’t work though… i’m used to safari and HATE change.

jburgerstudio replied to your photo: I’m off to Dad’s side of the family christmas…

I love how serious your expression is in this photo

haha, oh dear. i don’t even know why i look so…uncheerful.

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